I told him not to buy it

Peanut, three weeks ago: Mom, will you put some batteries in my Furby?

Peanut, two weeks ago: Mo-om, did you buy batteries for my Furby yet?

Peanut, one week ago: MOM! Will you puhlease get some batteries for my Furby?

Peanut, today: Mom, Dad bought batteries yesterday. Will you put them in my Furby?

Peanut, today, five minutes later and terrified: Mom, I can't find the off switch on my Furby.

Furby: Doo doo doo dee doo doo doo. Hey, party!

Me: He doesn't have an off switch.

Furby: Whee!

Peanut: Take his batteries out.

Furby: Hello. Whee! Again, Again!

Me: I just put them in. He's cool. Play with your Furby.

Furby: Bee bee bee boo boo boo.

Peanut: MOM! Take his batteries out.

Me: Stop. Your baby brother thinks he's cool. Leave the batteries in.

Furby: Whee! Me name Cocoa. Whee!

Peanut, starting to tear up: Mom, now that I know what he does, I just want to take his batteries out.

Me: But you've been bugging me for weeks to put his batteries in.

Peanut, tears running down his face, sniffing up boogers: But he just won't leave me alone.

Furby: Cocoa Whee! Party! Again!