Joke of the day

Courtesy of Peanut:

Why did the rich parents put their kid in the freezer?

Because they didn't want him to get spoiled.

Ba dum bum.


Mr. President

Peanut: Dad is old enough to be President.
Moon: Yeah, but he can't because you have to have lots of money to run for President.
Me: You don't technically have to have lots of money, you just have to convince people to give you lots of money.
Moon: Oh, so the people who want you to win just give you money?
Me: Yes, but they usually give you money because they want you to do something for them.
Peanut: So, Dad could be President.
Me: Yes, he could. But what about Mom? Couldn't I be President?
Peanut: No. You're not old.


The artist strikes again....and again....and again

What happens when you leave a creative child who likes to stab things completely free from qualified parental supervision?

Apple Sculpture:

I'll have to think of something other than shish kebobs for dinner tomorrow.