And how

Peanut: Mom, remember how I used to take medicine for my asthma and allergies, but you had me stop taking them because you thought that's what was making me act bad?
Me: Yes.
Peanut: Guess you were wrong about that.


He's single-handedly paying for Billy Mays' retirement

Peanut: Mom, why are you taking your bras off?
Me: Because it was poking me and it hurt.
Peanut: You need to get Strap Perfect. That will solve your problem.
Me: What?
Peanut: You know. Strap Perfect. Like on the commercial. It comes with clear ones. It will keep your bras from hurting.
Me: Oh?
Peanut: It's only $19.95. Plus shipping and handling.

I should also point out that Peanut owns: Moon Sand, the Betty Crocker 100 pc. Cake Decorating Kit, Pixos, Blendy Pens, the Marshmallow Shooter, and Glitter Lava.

For all interested parties, Peanut's birthday wish list includes: Bendaroos, the Snuggie, Rocket Fishing Rod, and Big City Sliders. Thank goodness he hasn't seen the Burp Gun, yet.