High hopes...he's got...high hopes....

Peanut:  By the time the Toddler is my age, I'll be fourteen.
Me:  No, you'll be twelve.
Moon:  No, you'll be eleven.
Me:  No, he'll be twelve.
Peanut:  No, I'm seven right now, so....
Me:  Right.  And the Toddler is two.  You are five years apart.  When he's seven, you'll be twelve.
Moon:  And by the time the Toddler turns seven, I'll be 23 days away from driving.
Peanut:  And then you can drive me to school.
Moon:  No.  I'll drive myself to school.
Me:  In what car?
Moon, shrugging his shoulders:  I dunno.
Peanut:  You have to get a job first.
Sixty seconds of silence
Peanut:  I hope you don't end up a hobo.