G's up, Ho's down

Me: That is it! The next person in this house who insults someone else is banned from electronics for a week!
D: Here, Peanut. Put away the milk.
Peanut, whining: I can't!
D: You can too.
Peanut, still whining: It's too heavy.
D: If that's too heavy then you need to get down in the basement and lift some weights. Wimp.
Me: No electronics for a week!
D: What? That doesn't apply to me. You said the kids.
Me: No, I said the next person to insult someone. That includes you.
Moon: She did. She said person.
D: Come on. I said, "pimp." That's a good thing. The kid's a pimp.
Peanut: What's a pimp?
Me, hanging my head and muttering: oh. my. god.
Peanut: Hey Moon, you're a pimp.
Moon: No, you're a pimp.
Peanut, laughing: Pimp.
Moon, laughing: Pimp.
Me, still muttering: oh. my. god. What am I going to tell the school when they call?


I'm sure there's an audience for that

Moon: Blogging is easy. I could probably start a blog if I wanted to.
Me: Oh? What would your blog be about?
Peanut: My wiener. YEAAAAH!
Me: A blog about your wiener? Huh.
Moon: Day one...wiener lookin' good.