Trattoria Rustica

It's the weekend, which means I don't cook. Time for another "restaurant review in one word or less."

Trattoria Rustica on Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair, NJ - "Inflation."


Kelly said...

Hi Audrey,

I love your blog! It's great. And I love the stories about you being a mom. You strike me, as the sort of mother I may be one day, assuming I meet somebody I wish to procreate with.

Makes me feel better that all mom's aren't skipping through meadows and losing their own identities, because they had kids.



Audrey said...

Thanks Kelly.
I don't skip through meadows because that's strictly the stuff of douche commercials. My identity, however, is long gone. And if you think you could end up being a mother like me, I recommend you get a cat instead. Better yet, a goldfish.