Taa Daa!

In today's mail, Peanut received a birthday party invitation from Stephen. I'm hesitant to let him go, as that Stephen kid seems like kind of a sicko. But, if he does go, I'm thinking this would be an appropriate gift:


Or perhaps this:

D. thinks the parents should hire Tommy Knuckles (everyone's favorite local magician) to pull a rabbit out of Stephen's ass.


David Binkowski said...

I think Tommy Knuckles might be a porn name. The local guy's name is Tommy Knucklehead. Totally different.

Audrey said...

That was nagging at me all morning. I actually just looked it up a few seconds ago and was logging in to make the correction when I saw your comment.

Although I think it's funnier if Tommy "Knuckles" is pulling things out of Stephen's ass.