It could have been worse

Peanut: Hey, Mom, we read this White House book at school today, and then we used these cards to choose who we wanted.
Me: You had a mock election.
Peanut: Yeah.
Me: Who did you vote for.
Peanut: I'm not telling.
Me: Why? Did you vote for McCain?
Peanut: No.
Me: Did you vote for Obama?
Peanut: Yes.
Me: Do you know who won?
Peanut: No, not yet, but Obama's going to win because everybody wants him.
Me: That's good.
Peanut: Do you know what Stephen did?
Me: Do I want to know?
Peanut: He voted for McCain.

I cannot even tell you how relieved I am that Stephen did not put John McCain in his anus.

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