Who do I call to get this health teacher fired?

Peanut: Hey mom! Today, in health class, we learned about drugs. Did you know that cigarettes are a drug? Mrs. Reilly showed us real tar and a real cigarette and she put it in a stuffed animal's mouth. I wish she wouldn't have told us about tar because it's making me want to throw up.
Me: Oh, good. I'm glad you're learning about smoking. It's nasty. Cigarettes are disgusting.
Peanut: Drugs are bad. You shouldn't use them.
Me: That's right.
Peanut: Mom, did you know that caffeine is a drug?
Me: I guess, technically, it is.
Peanut: So, when you drink caffeine soda you're doing drugs.
Me: Not quite the same thing. Caffeine isn't going to kill you. Cigarettes give you cancer, caffeine doesn't.
Peanut: I know. Also, you shouldn't drink beer or wine because alcohol is a drug.
Me: Woah, woah, woah. Not all drugs are bad. Some are just bad for kids.
Peanut: No, all drugs are bad.
Me: What about your medicine for asthma? Did you know that medicines are drugs?
Peanut: Yes.
Me: So, should you stop taking your asthma medicine because it's a drug, or should you keep taking it because it helps you?
Peanut: Keep taking it. But beer and wine are bad drugs.
Me: Only for kids. Alcohol is like medicine for moms and dads.

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