Our yard is way too small for a goat

Peanut's best friend is this girl in his class, Stacie*. I love her. She is chubby and wears glasses, and looks just like that girl from Little Miss Sunshine. Peanut loves her because she is funny and spunky and has a pool table in her basement and doesn't play with Barbies. Stacie is awesome. Stacie is so awesome that I had a talk with her mom about the potential for a betrothal.
Her mother was amenable to the idea, and we agreed that if I bought her family a goat, Peanut could have her daughter when she reaches a marriageable age. This way, I don't have to worry about Peanut giving me a crappy daughter-in-law. What a relief.
Yesterday, when I was eavesdropping outside the boys' room casually walking past the boys' room, I overheard Peanut and Moon having a conversation about Stacie:

Peanut: Stacie has a crush on Grace.
Moon: Girls don't have crushes on girls.
Peanut: Uh huh! Stacie says she has a crush on Grace and she wants to kiss her!

Unless Stacie is bi, I'm afraid I'm going to get my goat back.

*Names changed to protect my potentially bisexual potential future daughter-in-law


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, I am laughing but I don't know why. Stacie sounds fabulous and it sounds like peanut is a good judge of character :-)

Audrey said...

What do you mean you don't know why you're laughing? That's funny stuff!

Kim said...

It's always always freakin' funny stuff! Even your comments are funny:)