Maybe he can get consulting work?

Peanut: So, Mom, all of the Circuit City stores in New Jersey are closing?
Me: All of the Circuit City stores everywhere.
Peanut: Everywhere?
Me: Yes.
Peanut: All of them?
Me: Yes.
Peanut: Even in Michigan?
Me: Yes. Everywhere.
Peanut: Even in Ohio?
Me: Yes.
Peanut: So there are going to be no more Circuit City stores anywhere in the galaxy?
Me: Nope. None.
Peanut: But why are they going out of business?
Me: Because they can't make enough money to stay open.
Peanut: Why not?
Me: Nobody wants to buy what they're selling.
Peanut: Yeah, that's because their prices suck.

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