The "ee-er, ee-er"

Me, shoving a magazine article about teenage hormones toward D.: When you have a minute you really should read this. We need to be talking.
D, panicked by hearing the words "We need to talk": About us?
Me, pointing to the title of the article: No. With Moon. It says we should have already talked to him about....
D: Oh...(making a circle with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand, then moving it up and down over the pointer finger of his right hand)...about the ee-er, ee-er?
Me: And about the..."special" dreams.
D: Ahh.

Based on the quality of that conversation, I'd say our sex/hormones/masturbation/nocturnal emissions talk with Moon should go off without a hitch.


Kara said...

Just what age does it say?

Audrey said...

According to the article, the subject should come up in conversation by age eight. It also said nocturnal emissions can start as early as age ten. Um, ew!

Kara said...

OK, so I took your cue and decided to talk to my 10 year old boy. Part way through he started crying, saying "why are you TELLING me this!!" and then he calmed down.

After his dad left the room, he told me that he was glad to know why it was getting hard.... he thought that Aliens were trying to contact him.

Later still... I had to get him to stop saying the word semen... the girls were wondering why he was all of a sudden fascinated by sailing.

All in all, I think it went well.

Audrey said...

What did he think the aliens were trying to tell him?

Kara said...

LOL - He was just joking... He doesn't know what they wanted, they were just trying to make contact.

He has quite the imagination.