First grade NEVER used to be this awesome

Peanut: Hey, Mom! Do you know what happens when people get bullied?
Me: What?
Peanut: They just take a drug. They take a drug so they don't ever have to go to school and see that bully again.
Me: They do?
Peanut: Yeah. That's what happens when people get bullied. They take drugs and don't go to school anymore.
Me: Huh.
Peanut: At least, that's what they used to do. Back in the olden days.

A few minutes later....

Peanut: Hey, Mom! Tomorrow is the end of red ribbon week.
Me: So, that's the end of your don't do drugs program?
Peanut: Yes.
Me: Are you doing anything special?
Peanut: I'm not sure. But I think if we be good at the end of the day we get to make our own drugs.


The Gulbransen Family said...

Nice Audrey!

Keyona said...

Making their own drugs? Awesome.

David Binkowski said...

I'm pretty sure that legally we can't complain to the school about this, but there weren't any drugs brought home today. Maybe he wasn't good?

Audrey said...

He says he was good, but other people weren't, so they didn't get "Fun Friday." No Fun Friday = No making drugs. He was bummed because today was the last day of red ribbon week, so now he'll have to wait until next year for another chance to make drugs. Also, he said they didn't get to make any drugs specifically because Xavier said "dog shit."