The art of compromise

Me:  Get dressed.
Peanut:  No!  I am NOT going to school!
Me:  Yes you are.  Get dressed.
Peanut:  No I am not.
Me:  Yes you are.  Get dressed.
Peanut:  NO!  I'm not going.
Me:  Do you remember what happened with lacrosse?
Peanut:  Yes.  But I'm not going to school.
Me:  You are.  If I have to throw you over my shoulder again, you're going.  Now, if you'd prefer not to go to school naked, I suggest you get dressed.
Peanut:  Fine.  I'll go.  But I am NOT wearing underwear.
Me:  Fair enough.


EvenAndy said...

LOL:) I just found your blog and I think that it is hilarious:)

Anonymous said...

Are you on Facebook or have a fan site on Facebook? I bet you could round up some fans that way. I know I'd have the link on my FB for sure.

Starle Dollar said...

Wow. Your blog is wonderful. Our kids must be related. Tell them they have 2 sisters. Besides, you need more comments. How this kick ass blog doesn't have, like 700,000 comments under each post is a mystery.
keep writing!

VDog said...

Commando FTW

Audrey said...

Commando, indeed.

Anonymous, since you asked so nicely, I just created a FB page: http://bit.ly/bY9DC5

texasholly said...

who needs underwear anyway?