Next time I'm buying Sex and the City Band-Aids. Nobody will want those...

Henny:  Mommy!  We hab Dora band-aids.
Me:  Yes we do.
Henny:  Can I hab one?
Me:  You don't need one.
Henny:  Yes I do.
Me:  No.  Don't waste the band-aids.
Henny:  Can I hab one for my boo-boo?
Me:  You don't have a boo-boo.  Put those away.
Henny:  Oh Mommy, you see dat?
Me:  See what?
Henny:  Watch Mommy.  I tripped.
Me:  You didn't trip.
Henny:  Mommy look.  Oh, I tripped 'gain.
Me:  You didn't trip.
Henny:  No, watch Mommy.  Oh, I tripped 'gain.
Me:  You don't need a band-aid.
Henny:  Oh no, Mommy.  Watch.  I tripped 'gain.
Henny:  Oh Mommy.  I just hurt my arm...

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