Rayman, Raving Rabbids

According to my children, Rayman, Raving Rabbids, is a very funny game.

Moon: You should dress your rabbit in that.
Peanut: No.
Moon: What about that?
Peanut: No.
Moon: You should at least put some pants on him.
Peanut: NO! My rabbit wants to be naked in public.

Fifteen minutes later.....

Peanut: Mom, you have to watch this.
Moon: Watch, Mom.
Peanut: Mom, watch this.
Me: Mmhmm.
Peanut: No, Mom, you have to watch this.
Me: Okay, I'm watching (I'm not really watching).
Peanut: Mom, watch! You have to watch this.
Me: Okay, I'm watching (only so they'll leave me alone).
Peanut: It's really funny.
Moon, laughing: It's really funny.
Peanut: It's really funny. You have to hit the rabbit right in the anus.

I'm so glad I watched this.


Laura said...

Oh how I look forward to the day my son can say "anus" LOL :)

Audrey said...

I'm pretty sure the new baby's first word is going to be either anus, poop, fart, or butthole.