A grower, not a show-er

Peanut found a ruler today and decided he would like to learn how to measure things. You know where this story is going, don't you?

Peanut: How long is a pretzel?
Me: A pretzel is three inches. See how it lines up with the number three?
Peanut: How about this bouncy ball?
Me: One inch.
Peanut: A lego?
Me: One half inch.

Hours later, while cleaning up dinner dishes, I heard Peanut shout from the living room: I'm going to measure my wiener!

Hoping that he was joking, I turned just in time to see him pull down the front of his pants and line his penis up with the ruler.

Peanut: My wiener is one inch!

I bet he's the only male who's ever shouted that with glee.

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Sara Abdel Azim said...

HAHAHHAAA!! XD Hilarious!