Um...toilet paper?

Me: Ack! Why? Why is there poop on the toilet seat? Why? Peanut! Why is there poop on the toilet seat?

Peanut: It's not poop.
Me: It's not poop?
Peanut: It's my wiener lint. I didn't have anywhere to put it.


How to Party with an Infant said...

OMG my husband and i are still laughing at your comment.

Courtney said...

i love the new look! Suddenly though I'm wondering if I really kids...but so far the dog is working out!

Kim said...

Uh... wiener lint? Holy crap, raising boys really is a whole different universe from raising girls. Oh and love the new design.

jens said...

OMG there's such a thing?? I had no idea. Gross. I wonder how long until my boys can clean their own damn weiners? They're only 21 months now. Sigh. So much to look forward to.