WTF? Does nobody use Kleenex in this house?

Sitting at the dinner table:

Moon: Mom, why is there a booger on the wall?
Me: What? Where?
Moon: Right there. Behind you.
Me: EW! Peanut! Why is there a booger on the wall?
Peanut: What? Where?
Me: Right there.
Peanut: Oh.
Me: Get a tissue and clean it up right now.
Peanut, with a tissue: It's stuck.
Me: Use a wet paper towel.
Peanut, with a wet paper towel: It's still stuck.
Me, scraping it off with my fingernail: Oh! Ew! This is so disgusting. Put it in the garbage, right now. I'm going to barf.
Moon: Jeez. If you're going to put boogers on the wall, at least do it in a less obvious place.
Me: What?
Moon: Well, if you're going to put boogers on the wall, you should probably do it in a place that's less obvious.

I will be spending the remainder of the evening searching all of the "less obvious" places in my home for Moon's booger stash.

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Anonymous said...

SO glad my kids aren't the only ones! I swear it almost looked like textured wallpaper behind Kayla's bed. BTW, a bucket of warm water and a sponge works wonders.