While trying to do some prep work, I noticed that one of the little vintage nighties that I was getting ready to sell was super cute and looked to be my size. So I took my shirt off and tried it on over my bra.

Peanut: Mom, why are you trying that on with your bras?
Me, wearing jeans and a nightie: Because. I just wanted to see if it would fit me.
Peanut: Why are you wearing pink bras?
Me: I dunno.
Peanut: You hate pink.
Me: No I don't. I like pink just fine. You're the one that has a problem with pink.
Peanut: Why are you wearing that...that...thing?
Me: It's pajamas. A nightgown. I just wanted to see if it would fit me.
Peanut: It does.
Me: I know.
Peanut: It looks...well...it just looks good. You look good in that, Mom.

So, according to Peanut:
Mom in regular clothes = Fat,
Mom in lingerie = Good.


Mel said...

Haha! I wandered over here after the Looky Daddy contest and just wanted to say that your kids are hilarious and I love the way you write about them.

~annie said...

You really crack me up, but every time I read your blog I'm glad I have a girl.

AA said...

Enjoy it now because soon, very soon, the thought of mom in lingerie, not to mention the sight, will totally gross him out.

Jeremy said...

Pics or its a lie.