One Million Dollars (you have to say that in the voice of Dr. Evil)

Here's how I know The Baby is an evil genius. At ten months of age, he is able to:
1. Say Mama, Dada and Ball
2. Walk
3. Respond to questions by clapping his hands (yes) or shaking his head (no)
4. Take a break from nursing to give my boob juice a round of applause (seriously, that stuff's delicious)
5. Formulate a plan

Specifically, he figured out how to make his favorite tasty snack (dog food) easier for a toothless baby to eat. He loves, loves doggy kibble, but is constantly having it swept out of his mouth while I yell "No! Caca! Nasty!" and freak out about him potentially choking. But today I discovered I don't need to worry anymore. He moved all of the dog food into the water dish, waited an hour, and then went back for a delicious, soggy treat. No more choking hazard. Now I just have to figure out how to get rid of the dog breath.


AA said...

Oh my Gawd! That is gross. Please take pics and save them if he does it again. Tell him this story when he is 11 and he is going to freak totally out.

Keyona said...

Ok so I just ran across your blog and this post almost made Pepsi Max Zero come out my nose. Just sayin'