He talks. I'm not sure what language he's speaking, but he talks...

Me:  So, what would you like for breakfast?
Toddler:  Ya Ya Yick.
Me:  Um...French Toast Stick?
Toddler:  Unh-Unh.  Ya Ya Yick.
Me:  Right.  French Toast Stick.
Toddler:  UNH-UNH!  Ya Ya Yick.
Me:  Okay.  So I'm going to go downstairs and get the French Toast Sticks.
Toddler, following me downstairs:  UNH-UNH!  UNH-UNH! Ya Ya Yick.
Me:  Hmm...how about if you show me what you want for breakfast.
Toddler, opening fridge and pointing:  Ya Ya Yick.
Me:  OH!  Okay.  Yogurt.  YO-GURT.
Toddler:  Yick Ya.
Me:  No, no.  YO-GURT.  Yogurt.
Toddler, nodding in agreement:  Yick Ya.
Me:  Yes.  Exactly.  Yick Ya.  Let's go upstairs and have your Yick Ya.
Toddler:  Foon?
Me, sighing:  Yes, I'll get you a spoon.

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