In your face

Me: What would you guys like for dinner?
Peanut: Mac & Cheese.
Me: We don't have any left.
Peanut: Yes we do.
Me: No, we don't. You guys ate all four boxes.
Peanut stomps into the kitchen, digs through the cupboard, and returns wielding a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: See! Yes we do! Oh! In your face! You got served! You're such a doofus you don't even know anything!

I am happy to report that Peanut is still alive and relatively uninjured. But, you know that story about the woman who sat on the toilet for two years and her butt grew around the seat? That's likely what will happen to Peanut with the "Time Out" chair, as he's not getting out of it until he's eighteen.

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