Other peoples' children...Part II

Sometimes I really enjoy hanging out with other peoples' children. It makes me feel like mine might be "normal." Today, I invited my neighbor to bring her three children to the park with us. Her two oldest kids decided to ride in our car. During this five minute drive, I learned that the neighbor boy is amusingly gross, and Peanut is not yet old enough to grasp the concept of irony.

Oldest Neighbor Boy: I like to pick my nose and eat it. Boogers taste good. They're perfect and salty. Eating your boogers is easier than getting up to put them in the trash. One time I ate a red one. Red means it's bloody. See (at this point he offers a demonstration of just exactly how he picks his boogers and eats them).

Peanut: Neighbor Boy, that is disgusting!

It is disgusting, but I don't think you have room to judge when you have a booger wall.

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